mindset Mar 02, 2018

The bigger the goal the more resistance. No matter what... one thing is for sure, there are just going to be shots that hit you unexpectedly. Trying to achieve by "dodging" everything is just not real. You must condition your mind to withstand and persist when (not if) those shots do hit!

Living a life of mediocrity and no risk will minimize shots that hit you. But living that way is not living... its just merely existing.

The bigger the goal, the more battlefields you have to walk through, the more shots you will have to take. The test is what YOU can endure and withstand. Hold strong, stay focused and get there!

Walking through the battlefields is a matter of Wants vs Standards... Everybody "wants" success but the want is not enough, that will only take them out "TO" the battlefield... but as soon as they start getting hit they turn around and run back to their safe zone. WE DON'T ALWAYS GET OUR WANTS BUT WE ALWAYS GET OUR STANDARDS.

If you haven't been hit with some shots in...

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Is Distraction Affecting Your Results?

fitness mindset nutrition Feb 20, 2018

Life is full of distraction, and not every situation in life is going to look the way you want it to.

Two things you have to change those situations: TIME & FOCUSED ACTION.

The most valuable currency we have is TIME. The most powerful way to spend that currency is FOCUSED ACTION. There is so much going around us demanding our attention, but creating a powerful mindset involves a mindset of focus.

Distraction is an enemy... information overload can paralyze people, or can make you lose momentum. With so much available at our fingertips it is easy to fall into traps of distraction.

In Health & Fitness... Instead of overwhelming yourself with nutrition (jumping from this strategy, this diet, or that diet)... focus on ONE plan. See it through. 

Instead of winging your workouts or copying what this person is doing for a week and then jumping to another program the next week... get them professionally programmed and put all your effort, sweat and focus into that. SEE THE...

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Back To Basics: 4 Disciplines of The Fit, Strong, and Healthy.

fitness mindset nutrition Feb 05, 2018


...You need momentum.  To create momentum, I recommend focusing on these 4 fundamentals. They will create huge momentum and make massive impact.

There is a rule called the Pareto Principle (a.k.a 80/20 rule). It states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. In other words, there are actions that make a bigger impact than others... finding the ones that make MASSIVE IMPACT is key. The basics fall in this category... often just because it is basic, doesn't mean it is easy, but committing to the basics will get you there faster.

For example, in my own resistance training programming... going basic means using "old school" compound movements. Is it easy? No! But being consistent with lifting big, making basics lifts a staple in program design, and progressively challenging my limits is necessary for growth.

Do you want to break new records and go beyond your previous best?


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7 Essential Pieces of Advice From Successful People

advice mentors mindset Jan 23, 2018

When you live long enough bad things will show up in your life. Its just a fact that no one is immune to the storms of life... by the time you hit middle age you have probably weathered some storms or in the midst of them right now... a divorce, lost your job, facing bankruptcy, foreclosure, partner says she is going to leave you, a health challenge, or a lost friendship.

With that being said, its how we handle these situations that matter. Here are 7 pieces of advice to fortify you for these circumstances.

1. Take Personal Responsibility For Everything [Jocko Willink]
You must own everything in your world. There is no one else to blame. This give you your power back versus being a helpless victim.

2. Only Now Exists - O.N.E.  [BJ Ganem]
It is the ONLY place that life takes place. Having urgency to act in the present versus being depressed about the past or worried about the future will allow you to make an impact on your situation.

3. Change Your Physiology, Change Your Mindset....

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10 Must Read Books For Those On The Fitness Inspired Mission

books mindset Jan 12, 2018

Reading as had a huge impact in my life. It has created a lot of growth and success, and I want that for you as well.

With a longer commute to my training facility, I have really increased the amount of books I consume (Thank you Audible!). Below you are going to find 10 books that will make impact on your fitness, your life, and your happiness. They are listed in no particular order.


The 10 X Rule

This book is about taking massive action. It will get you fired up, and also realize that average action leads to average results. I go to this book when I feel stagnant and need a kick. Kick is a great word, it will kick start you into more action.

The One Thing

“What’s the ONE thing I can do, such that by doing it everything else will become easier or unnecessary?” This is a very powerful focusing question that makes huge impact on results!

You Are a Bad Ass

This book had me very curious because I saw so many people recommend it, that I had to read it for...

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Back Story: How I Turned Pain Into Purpose

backstory fitness mindset Jan 06, 2018

It all came crashing down...

My wife at that time served me divorce papers giving me the stark reality that my life would never be the same. I lost hope; I was at rock bottom. I remember having to move to my brothers basement for a time when we separated...and I was eating boxes of cereal as comfort food. But something snapped. I knew there were two paths and I HAD THE CHOICE... I could continue to go darker and deeper into pain OR create a new opportunity, use the pain for purpose and become the BEST VERSION OF MYSELF. I chose the latter and used MY FAITH & FITNESS as the vehicle to take me there.

What was it I wanted to accomplish?
From that dark place my eyes landed on becoming a version of myself I had never come close to. I am talking dreams on the back-burner. Things like get a publishing deal, become a best selling author, make impact in other people's lives... I also wanted to be this because I wanted my kids to be proud of their Dad, provide a good life for them, and be...

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Getting Smart With: New Year's Strategies

mindset new year Jan 03, 2018

Coming up with a crystal clear vision, setting goals, developing a game plan, and taking action is the path to success in the new year. It goes even deeper though... To stay on that path we must consider mindset, and be putting ourselves in an environment that fosters positive change. Take a listen to this radio show I did with "Mike In The Morning."

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The Anatomy of My Morning Ritual

mindset Dec 27, 2017

Do you wake up in the morning in “reaction” mode?  Meaning there always seems to be fires to put out, things coming at you in all directions, and you just can’t get ahead. These feelings are very common. We can all get bogged down in day to day urgencies. I found the best defense to this is a morning ritual.

My morning ritual is centered around Faith, Mindset, and Movement. 

The very first thing I do when I get up is some type of movement. Normally it is my morning walk which can be anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.  At this time I am also integrating Faith by getting in a state of gratitude. Gratitude creates and attracts abundance… while complaining, being angry, or focusing on the negative attracts poverty. I believe gratitude puts us in the proper state for prayer. So while I walk, I think of things I am grateful for as well as any prayers that come to mind. I don’t believe you have to be all fancy when talking to God; I speak to God...

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My Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2017

My Thanksgiving Day Prayer...

Dear Lord, I am thankful for the path you have given me, thankful for the pain I have endured through the mistakes I have made. Thankful for your grace, forgiveness, and favor... I know you wash my past and bless my future. I am thankful for even what appears as negative because you use it for my good such as the haters and naysayers, and all those that never believed in me for that fired me up with strength and hunger. Thank you Lord for the passion, ambition, the dedication, the grind, the long nights, the early mornings, and the people in my life who do believe and encourage me. The journey is about growth, and thankful for the growth and breakthroughs I have experienced through pain by turning it into purpose, and rising out of the ashes.

Thankful for those who follow me on social media and now my website, in just two years many of you got to know me, how I have used fitness to get me through my storm, how I turned pain into purpose. THANK...

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Setback Mountain or Setback Molehill?

mindset Nov 17, 2017

Most "setback MOUNTAINS" are actually "setback molehills" in the whole scheme of things.....

When we view them in that sense, it brings real perspective to the situation because usually those "setback molehills" are only small pieces of damage to deal with, small obstacles to overcome.

However, when we bring fear, emotion, worry, and doubt to those molehills... they become Mountains, and those mountains become our reality, and that's when we truly lose ground and get knocked down.

Do you make mistakes? Who doesn't right!?

If you make a mistake with your nutrition, miss a workout, you have to cut your losses move on and start again. Less damage done than let it take you in a downward spiral. I call it failing forward!!!

Keep grinding, keep pressing on EVERYDAY to push yourself to be better. Get up, look in the mirror and fuel that goal with desire!!!

I want to encourage you to realize that every setback leaves you in a position to grow... every setback leaves you an opportunity to...

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