4 Tactics To Achieving Grenade Pin-Pulling Commitment

mindset taking action Mar 18, 2018

Commitment is like pulling the pin on a grenade...once that pin is pulled – YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE ACTION!

Getting yourself committed to taking action is an essential place to be if you want amazing results. When it comes to our personal fitness, so many of us struggle with taking action.

There is a really good quote out there that summarizes two different mindsets:

"When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results."

Another mindset we battle is the learning but never doing.

There will always be more to learn. In this day and age we have all the information we need at our fingertips through the internet. But if you keep waiting until you think you know enough, you will always be waiting to start because it will never be enough. 

Trust me, you will learn a lot more from taking action than you will ever learn by reading, watching, or listening about how do it. Think about it this way... as a kid, did your parents make you watch a video on how to ride a bike or read you an instruction manual on how to ride a bike? No... Methods are introduced through information but to really MASTER your SKILL...that is done through taking action!

Making sure you are taking action with a high standard in mind can also be a trap. Don't get me wrong, having that high standard is great but quality can always be upgraded. Getting to the desired outcome is a lot like flying a plane. It takes the most energy to get it up in the air, but once up in the air you can course correct to get to your destination (outcome).


Here are 4 steps to get you into the "Grenade Pin-Pulling Commitment" Mindset.

1. Just get started! Do one thing - ANYTHING - even if it's super small. The key here is to start momentum and gain a little belief in yourself...and this comes from doing. To make this step achievable, create a low barrier of entry for yourself... meaning your first action should be stress free and easy to do. If you are coming from a place of no activity in regards to your fitness, your one thing could be as easy as a 5 minute walk.

2. Commit to actions not feelings. This is step 2 because our emotions can really have a strong hold on us and choke life out of the actions needed. Our minds can give us so many "reasons" why not to do something. "It's too cold out." "The gym is so far away." "I'm tired." But if you do step 1 first, there will be a very important shift in your mindset... the momentum you started in step one helps carry the mindset to telling yourself those excuses aren't so bad.

3. When you are struggling, filter your thoughts through a positive identity. This is something my clients here me say time and again, "We behave the way we see ourselves." As a mindset coach, I will often assign my clients an identity statement that acts as a filter for making decisions. My favorite statement to give them is "I AM an athlete in training." If a struggle comes up they can filter the decision through this identity and chances are they will make the right decision.

4. Use deadlines to create urgency. A deadline brings a sense of urgency to your actions and helps you figure out what is really important from what is just keeping you stuck. In otherwords, it keeps you taking action on doing things that must get done verses the things you only "feel" like doing.

The truth about taking action is that once you start doing it, one action will lead to another and another. This sort of chain reaction keeps going as momentum creates more possibilities and more results. And before you know it you will have accomplished what you set out to achieve!

I coach people to become the best version of themselves using fitness as a catalyst that impacts all areas of life.  If that interests you, apply here

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