The Ultimate Checklist For Staying Energized & Awake During The Day.

advice energy Jan 26, 2020

Over the years in working with many clients who battle fatigue (including myself), I have the ultimate checklist to battle this state. If you are struggling with this, incorporate these strategies that will help get your energy back.

1. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.
(Build your belief in this area. For many years I shortchanged myself on sleep and actually wore my sleep deprivation as a badge of honor as I built and grew my former gym ShockBody Fitness. It wasn't until I read the book "Why we sleep" that I made a real effort in this area. I highly recommend this book to those that have a similar mindset as I did as I worked hard in the wee hours of the night!)

2. Get on a consistent sleep schedule; Go to bed and get up at the same time. This will help establish a stronger circadian rhythm.
3. Invest in a pair of blue light blocker glasses (check amazon), limit phone/ computer usage in the hours leading up to bed. There is so much junk light that...
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7 Essential Pieces of Advice From Successful People

advice mentors mindset Jan 23, 2018

When you live long enough bad things will show up in your life. Its just a fact that no one is immune to the storms of life... by the time you hit middle age you have probably weathered some storms or in the midst of them right now... a divorce, lost your job, facing bankruptcy, foreclosure, partner says she is going to leave you, a health challenge, or a lost friendship.

With that being said, its how we handle these situations that matter. Here are 7 pieces of advice to fortify you for these circumstances.

1. Take Personal Responsibility For Everything [Jocko Willink]
You must own everything in your world. There is no one else to blame. This give you your power back versus being a helpless victim.

2. Only Now Exists - O.N.E.  [BJ Ganem]
It is the ONLY place that life takes place. Having urgency to act in the present versus being depressed about the past or worried about the future will allow you to make an impact on your situation.

3. Change Your Physiology, Change Your Mindset....

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