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Chad uses fitness as a keystone habit that creates a chain reaction of spilling greatness into other areas of life. This is high level life coaching with a fitness emphasis (Mindset, Nutrition, Training). Become the best version of you.

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Peak Performance Lifestyle Mastery Formula ™

This is my go to signature coaching program that I utilize to help stressed men with aging metabolisms (over 40 yrs old), busy schedules, family and work responsibilites who lost their body and vigor. You will always know exactly what you're doing when you walk in the gym. You will build a lean, strong body while shedding body fat and create a mindset and confidence that will help you dominate life.

Bottom line: This plan will achieve optimal health and become a catalyst to greatness that spills into other areas of life.


Fit & Fierce Transformation Formula.™

This is my signature program for women 30- 45 years old. These are the years where extra responsibility takes a leading role in a woman's life.

A balanced and realistic lifestyle is possible by progressively challenging you in a way where the growth has you feeling empowered to create new space and habits. 

The program is laid out where you will always know what you are doing, and you will create a mindset of confidence, a body sculpted with strength, and energy that takes allows you to maximize your day.


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