Dominate Fitness Through The Holidays

fitness holidays nutrition Nov 22, 2019

Dominate Fitness Through The Holidays

A lot of people struggle with fitness and nutrition in general and it becomes an even bigger struggle during the holidays, and can even be challenging for those of us with a good grasp with our fitness and nutrition.


Lets face it, the holidays bring people together, and usually the center of all our gatherings is food... LOTS OF IT!  We have those family members that really lay on the pressure as well, and when you politely say no to a certain dish or dessert they won't take no for an answer.  With the pressure applied AND being surrounded by a lot of great tasting foods, it can be hard not to waiver.  So with food at the heart of the matter here are some tips to dominate your fitness through the holidays.


Tip #1 - PLAN YOUR WORKOUTS!  Seems obvious, right?  I can not emphasize the importance of being intentional and honoring the commitments made to yourself. Map out your schedule now through the end of the...

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High Intensity or Low Intensity Cardio

fitness Jun 01, 2019

There is a lot of information out there on this topic.  It also seems like some of that information presents it as High Intensity VERSUS Low Intensity - as in Do High Intensity because low intensity is bad.

Well I have to disagree. YES, I do feel High Intensity is more effective for getting fat off, but I do not discredit Low Intensity either.

I will sum up my cardio philosophy in one paragraph.

Be intentional with your High Intensity Cardio sessions. Plan for them and schedule them on your calendar. For Low Intensity Cardio focus on being active throughout your days. Strictly speaking, it should be a lifestyle and weaved into your everyday life.

Part of the equation of staying lean is living an active lifestyle... I go for morning walks with my wife, I play tennis with my kids, trail run (as pictured), or ride my bike. Sometimes on nice days, I will walk or jog somewhere that I normally would take my car. I don't count any of that as a workout, it's just my...

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Is Distraction Affecting Your Results?

fitness mindset nutrition Feb 20, 2018

Life is full of distraction, and not every situation in life is going to look the way you want it to.

Two things you have to change those situations: TIME & FOCUSED ACTION.

The most valuable currency we have is TIME. The most powerful way to spend that currency is FOCUSED ACTION. There is so much going around us demanding our attention, but creating a powerful mindset involves a mindset of focus.

Distraction is an enemy... information overload can paralyze people, or can make you lose momentum. With so much available at our fingertips it is easy to fall into traps of distraction.

In Health & Fitness... Instead of overwhelming yourself with nutrition (jumping from this strategy, this diet, or that diet)... focus on ONE plan. See it through. 

Instead of winging your workouts or copying what this person is doing for a week and then jumping to another program the next week... get them professionally programmed and put all your effort, sweat and focus into that. SEE THE...

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Back To Basics: 4 Disciplines of The Fit, Strong, and Healthy.

fitness mindset nutrition Feb 05, 2018


...You need momentum.  To create momentum, I recommend focusing on these 4 fundamentals. They will create huge momentum and make massive impact.

There is a rule called the Pareto Principle (a.k.a 80/20 rule). It states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. In other words, there are actions that make a bigger impact than others... finding the ones that make MASSIVE IMPACT is key. The basics fall in this category... often just because it is basic, doesn't mean it is easy, but committing to the basics will get you there faster.

For example, in my own resistance training programming... going basic means using "old school" compound movements. Is it easy? No! But being consistent with lifting big, making basics lifts a staple in program design, and progressively challenging my limits is necessary for growth.

Do you want to break new records and go beyond your previous best?


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Back Story: How I Turned Pain Into Purpose

backstory fitness mindset Jan 06, 2018

It all came crashing down...

My wife at that time served me divorce papers giving me the stark reality that my life would never be the same. I lost hope; I was at rock bottom. I remember having to move to my brothers basement for a time when we separated...and I was eating boxes of cereal as comfort food. But something snapped. I knew there were two paths and I HAD THE CHOICE... I could continue to go darker and deeper into pain OR create a new opportunity, use the pain for purpose and become the BEST VERSION OF MYSELF. I chose the latter and used MY FAITH & FITNESS as the vehicle to take me there.

What was it I wanted to accomplish?
From that dark place my eyes landed on becoming a version of myself I had never come close to. I am talking dreams on the back-burner. Things like get a publishing deal, become a best selling author, make impact in other people's lives... I also wanted to be this because I wanted my kids to be proud of their Dad, provide a good life for them, and be...

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