Is Distraction Affecting Your Results?

fitness mindset nutrition Feb 20, 2018

Life is full of distraction, and not every situation in life is going to look the way you want it to.

Two things you have to change those situations: TIME & FOCUSED ACTION.

The most valuable currency we have is TIME. The most powerful way to spend that currency is FOCUSED ACTION. There is so much going around us demanding our attention, but creating a powerful mindset involves a mindset of focus.

Distraction is an enemy... information overload can paralyze people, or can make you lose momentum. With so much available at our fingertips it is easy to fall into traps of distraction.

In Health & Fitness... Instead of overwhelming yourself with nutrition (jumping from this strategy, this diet, or that diet)... focus on ONE plan. See it through. 

Instead of winging your workouts or copying what this person is doing for a week and then jumping to another program the next week... get them professionally programmed and put all your effort, sweat and focus into that. SEE THE PROFESSIONALLY PROGRAM DESIGNED WORKOUT ALL THE WAY THROUGH!

Instead of working out to just workout; focus on personal development, define your "Why," write goals, work on MINDSET, and watch that be the launch pad that breaks through your plateaus...

When you start dominating your fitness and begin the journey to becoming your best self... you will dominate life too.

I have an elite coaching program, as well as a 6 week transformation program. Reach out if interested in investing time and focused action into these! [email protected]

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