High Intensity or Low Intensity Cardio

fitness Jun 01, 2019

There is a lot of information out there on this topic.  It also seems like some of that information presents it as High Intensity VERSUS Low Intensity - as in Do High Intensity because low intensity is bad.

Well I have to disagree. YES, I do feel High Intensity is more effective for getting fat off, but I do not discredit Low Intensity either.

I will sum up my cardio philosophy in one paragraph.

Be intentional with your High Intensity Cardio sessions. Plan for them and schedule them on your calendar. For Low Intensity Cardio focus on being active throughout your days. Strictly speaking, it should be a lifestyle and weaved into your everyday life.

Part of the equation of staying lean is living an active lifestyle... I go for morning walks with my wife, I play tennis with my kids, trail run (as pictured), or ride my bike. Sometimes on nice days, I will walk or jog somewhere that I normally would take my car. I don't count any of that as a workout, it's just my lifestyle.

In other words I am very active and that is where I would say my lower intensity cardio activity comes into play. (Its a lifestyle.) As for High Intensity - I plan for it, I also plan for my resistance training workouts. High vs Low should not be the perspective... instead of being "versus" I feel they should be on the same team as they both play a part in staying lean!

Here is a great exercise formula for being lean:
1. Do Resistance Training!
2. Schedule High Intensity Cardio Workouts- (i.e. HIIT, Boot Camps, Tabata, Sprints, etc)
3. Weave daily activity into your life. Make it parts of the fabric of your day.

If you need help breaking through your fitness or life. Please reach out!

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