Back Story: How I Turned Pain Into Purpose

backstory fitness mindset Jan 06, 2018

It all came crashing down...

My wife at that time served me divorce papers giving me the stark reality that my life would never be the same. I lost hope; I was at rock bottom. I remember having to move to my brothers basement for a time when we separated...and I was eating boxes of cereal as comfort food. But something snapped. I knew there were two paths and I HAD THE CHOICE... I could continue to go darker and deeper into pain OR create a new opportunity, use the pain for purpose and become the BEST VERSION OF MYSELF. I chose the latter and used MY FAITH & FITNESS as the vehicle to take me there.

What was it I wanted to accomplish?
From that dark place my eyes landed on becoming a version of myself I had never come close to. I am talking dreams on the back-burner. Things like get a publishing deal, become a best selling author, make impact in other people's lives... I also wanted to be this because I wanted my kids to be proud of their Dad, provide a good life for them, and be the Dad that taught them anything is possible by leading by example. Becoming the best version of myself was the way to the new possibility.

The external struggle I faced - I started writing but got no answers from publishers. I also started from a place of rock bottom. My cereal habit certainly didn't help my physique and my living situation was tough.

The internal struggle I faced - The embarrassment of going through a public divorce as a local business owner. It was a fight everyday just to get up and face all the people I serve. The hardest of all, though, was not being with my kids daily, not being able to tuck them in every night, or wake up to hear their footsteps.

As I said earlier, the devastation of the breaking up of my family unit took me to such a dark place mentally. That was a wall that was closing in... but an epiphany experience was created from that. Facing the darkness can create something inside us to wake up. It was like an AWAKENING. Awakening to a burning desire to use this for good, to my favor, to invest today for tomorrow. A new exciting reality was waiting if I took action on becoming the best version of myself.

Fitness is the catalyst to greatness that spills over into other areas of one's life. It unlocks your best in all areas. Something powerful happens as you transform your body and health... it's called unstoppable! You take action from a more powerful and capable identity and FIND A WAY!

The Transformation I experienced was just that. Life started to conspire in my favor as momentum built.

On the fitness side of things, I was spotted at a Warrior Dash that lead to a photoshoot at Tampa Bay, Powerhouse Gym which lead to a sponsorship with a supplement company which gave me some ground to get into a publishing deal which lead to becoming a best selling author.

My kids and I now have an even better relationship and although I am not with them all the time, they know they are loved. Instead of "quantity time" they have "QUALITY TIME" and when I'm with them I am fully present as well as being there for all the highlights of their life.

On top of it all, I have since been given a second chance at Love, I am married to a beautiful woman in which the relationship formed naturally... being your best version is like a magnet and you attract in your life what you become.


Why am I so passionate about the slogan "Dominate Fitness. Dominate Life."? Because I have seen this mantra create a new opportunity, a powerful future in my life and I want to share this message with others who are experiencing pain, struggle, or rock bottom.... You really can become the best version of yourself. From there... YOU CREATE YOUR FUTURE!

Are you at that point in your life where you want change... I do high performance coaching, have programs, and run a private group called The Fitness Inspired Mission. Please reach out and let me help you breakthrough!

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