Results Follow Consistency

mindset Aug 02, 2018
There is one method that I have used with clients over the years that produced tremendous success with them. It is actually a strategy that Jerry Seinfeld used to be consistent in writing. What he would do is write comedy material for the day. If he completed this task he would mark an "X" on that day. After a few days you would have a chain of "X's"  He did an interview with LifeHacker about this and said, your only job is just is don't break the chain!
I adopted this method to fit my clients needs. Depending on the client, I may start them with simple task that would help them get a quick win for the day and create momentum. Once a good size chain was formed, I would then switch it to more of a "keystone" action... a difference maker. Something that had significant impact on the goals and tie it to the longer chain that now has a psychological hold on the mind to not break it.
Putting this method in play builds the discipline muscle. It didn't matter if they felt like it or not, or if motivation was low, all that mattered was focusing on not breaking the chain. The consistency being created was the true difference maker! Having this in place and checking in on their calendars helped my clients get some of the best results they have ever gotten in this area of life.
You won't always be motivated so you must learn to be disciplined. Adding this strategy will help with that. 

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