My Experience That Changed My Perspective

gratitude Mar 16, 2018

Health & Fitness is my life's work, my calling, my passion. Even so, I definitely have taken that for granted.

Often times to truly be grateful for something is have it taken from you. My health being temporarily taken was exactly what happened to me over the last couple days.

The last time I had the true full blown flu was in 2005. That was too long ago to remember what the misery of being down and out feels like. Well the past two days I felt all those symptoms and ended up staying in bed for those couple days. Today is the actual first morning I feel 100% again, and I have to tell you, it feels amazing to be back and am so very grateful to have the blessing of the vitality good health and fitness bring. I think a lot of big life changes set me up for this... I just have closed one business I poured my heart into, moved to a different part of the state, got married, and am working all hours as I wait to transition into a new position that opens up in May, and on top of that - dealing with tidal waves of stress that come with so many big changes at once as well as still feeling the effects of a divorce and all the challenges that still brings. This was good for me though.

This experience made me realize that all of us who are also blessed with this gift of health are probably too preoccupied with our lives to even notice what a true gift it is (ME INCLUDED!). Having energy, movement freedom, being able to breath deeply, laugh heartily, sleep soundly, and be able to do everyday normal things that we may take for granted but others only wish (ex: climbing stairs, helping a friend move, being bold enough to try something new and exciting - [snowboarding, rock climbing, a mud run], just being able to go to work, or clean your own house)

The painful body aches, pounding headache, dizziness, sore throat, watering eyes, all piled on top of the inability to get comfortable multiplied by debilitating fatigue made me feel close to death. Looking back on the experience I am glad I experienced this set back. Honestly, I was taking my health too much for granted. Yes, I was aware and thankful but almost like a surface level or empty of substance to it. The reason I say that is it has been way too long since experiencing or thinking about the alternative in a real enough way that impacted me like this. Having this 2 day set back wasn't a terminal... but it did jolt more appreciation and gratitude in having my health at 100%. It feels absolutely amazing to be back at optimal health, and I am truly thankful for it. I also am going to remain diligent about staying intentional with keeping optimal health.

The next time I catch myself not feeling up to pushing through a workout, or complaining about bad parking... I am going to challenge myself to be grateful to have the ability to complete the workout, or be grateful that I am able to walk the extra distance. I challenge you all to do the same, to be more present of your health and contrast it to a time when you were absolutely sick and couldn't move. Giving some contrast to your current healthy state will make you appreciate it more, which could in turn make you more intentional about keeping your health own health optimal.

Be grateful. Health is truly the greatest wealth!

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