The Anatomy of My Morning Ritual

mindset Dec 28, 2017

Do you wake up in the morning in “reaction” mode?  Meaning there always seems to be fires to put out, things coming at you in all directions, and you just can’t get ahead. These feelings are very common. We can all get bogged down in day to day urgencies. I found the best defense to this is a morning ritual.

My morning ritual is centered around Faith, Mindset, and Movement. 

The very first thing I do when I get up is some type of movement. Normally it is my morning walk which can be anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.  At this time I am also integrating Faith by getting in a state of gratitude. Gratitude creates and attracts abundance… while complaining, being angry, or focusing on the negative attracts poverty. I believe gratitude puts us in the proper state for prayer. So while I walk, I think of things I am grateful for as well as any prayers that come to mind. I don’t believe you have to be all fancy when talking to God; I speak to God like I speak to a friend.

What I do next is something called “The Five Minute Journal.” This is a journal for someone who is new to journaling.  I found out about it because I subscribe to Dave Asprey’s Biohacked Box which comes every quarter… one quarter this journal arrived and it was perfect for me. Basically it gives you a quote or challenge for the day. You list three things you are grateful for, three things that would make today great, and a write down a daily affirmation.  It also has a nightly ritual on the page as well.

After doing my “Five Minute Journal,” I will open up the Simpleology website (a free productivity tool). This holds my vision board; I will spend a couple minutes focusing intently on it. Then I write down everything on my mind using Simpleology’s method (very similar to David Allen’s GTD) . This helps me process everything systematically which gets me focused for my day.  Finally, I review my written vision statement (Step 3 in my Mission Mindset Method from my book).

From here I will make my Bulletproof Coffee. My wife and I will sit down and usually read a chapter in our Bible, or just have a some quality conversation to start the day. Then I am off for a long commute in which I listen to some sort of personal development audiobook on Audible.

I arrive clear and ready to create the day I have laid a foundation for… versus reacting to it. It is a structured ritual that I need to give me freedom, clarity, and productivity for the day.

The key to a morning ritual is start small and build a habit for one area. For example, you could get in the habit of the morning walk and build your ritual from there. When you start your day with a mini-victory, momentum is on your side from the start.

Let me know what you are going to do for your morning ritual.

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