Setback Mountain or Setback Molehill?

mindset Nov 17, 2017

Most "setback MOUNTAINS" are actually "setback molehills" in the whole scheme of things.....

When we view them in that sense, it brings real perspective to the situation because usually those "setback molehills" are only small pieces of damage to deal with, small obstacles to overcome.

However, when we bring fear, emotion, worry, and doubt to those molehills... they become Mountains, and those mountains become our reality, and that's when we truly lose ground and get knocked down.

Do you make mistakes? Who doesn't right!?

If you make a mistake with your nutrition, miss a workout, you have to cut your losses move on and start again. Less damage done than let it take you in a downward spiral. I call it failing forward!!!

Keep grinding, keep pressing on EVERYDAY to push yourself to be better. Get up, look in the mirror and fuel that goal with desire!!!

I want to encourage you to realize that every setback leaves you in a position to grow... every setback leaves you an opportunity to get better!

When mistakes happen see them for what they are --- small, then get up, and power through. The growth will be worth it! I know I wouldn't be where I am without failing forward!

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