Dealing With Life In Uncertain Times - 3 Powerful Practices

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2020

The world is in a state of fear and uncertainty right now, and for a lot of people its overwhelming.

People ask me why I am not scared or worried about the Corona Virus. It's not because I don’t think it's serious… I definitely do, but I believe in my own body's ability to recover more than I worry about the virus getting the best of me. 

We are born with everything we need - A God made immune system designed to help keep the body well.

If you take responsibility for your health by exercising, eating right, getting good sleep, staying hydrated, do stress management, and build your mindset, you will keep the immune system strong and won't have to consume yourself with worry because you have stacked the odds in your favor of not being the 0.1 to 1% (according to US Health Officials) that aren't going to pull through this virus.

One thing to remember from all this is that we need to be more self-reliant with our health. We can’t rely on the medical community to take responsibility for us. Yes, they are there to help but it ultimately falls on you and what lifestyle choices you have made prior.


Here are three  things you can be doing right now during this time of uncertainty.

1. Remain Consistent With Self Improvement.

Now is not the time to sugar binge, skip workouts, or get off your sleep schedule. Healthy habits, routines, and rituals are designed for times like this.

This crazy time we are going through right now is a momentum breaker - Do not let it break your momentum with self improvement. Can’t workout at the gym - do a home-workout. 

Make a goal to stay consistent and KEEP YOUR MOMENTUM.


2. Focus on what YOU can control.

Taking on the weight of the world adds much unneeded stress. Stay informed but don’t get consumed by the 24 hour non-stop news coverage.

The news amplifies everything by design to keep people watching. This goes for social media too. Periods of disconnect will probably be one of the healthiest things you do in your day.

Take the news, and social media in small doses and spend more time doing something that is empowering to your spirit. 

3. Take Full Responsibility For Your Life.

This crisis is not your fault but it is your responsibility on how you show up for yourself, your family, and those around you. Be a leader in these times. You create the dynamic you are living in! Don’t let others pull you into fear, or a hopeless mindset. HOLD STRONG!


Final thought... yes, the world is in an intense state of fear and uncertainty. Don't shut down, or distract, but instead rise up and start practicing these 3 powerful concepts.

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